Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (D.M.E.,)

In recent years Mechanical Engineering has become a very popular in dynamic career oriented discipline. The department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to bring forth Mechanical Engineers who will satisfy the requirements of modern day industries. The newly furnish workshop covers around 6,000 sqft. Of floor area and have sufficient nos. of lathes, malting machines, grinders and other gadgets to meet the requirements of the curriculum.


  • Hydraulics Lab.
  • Heat Power Lab.
  • Heat Transfer Lab.
  • Material testing Lab.
  • Production Lab.
  • Dynamics Lab.
  • Vibration Lab.

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (D.EEE.,)

The four year Electrical Engineering degree program provides a strong base to students in Electrical Machines, Power Systems and the application of modern control systems like Fuzzy Logic and ANN artificial intelligence to these areas. The course curriculum is also design to create awareness among students about electronics devices (digital & analog), microprocessors and computer applications.

Electrical Labs

  • Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Electrical Measurement Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Machine Design Lab

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering (D.ECE.,)

The department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering aims at imparting professional training to students at the graduate level and encourage student to participate in search activities simultaneously.

Electronics Labs

  • Analog & Basic Electronics Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Communication Engineering Lab I & II
  • Micro processor Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab

Diploma in Computer Engineering (D.Com.E.,)

Computer Science & Engineering is looked upon is one of the most sought after discipline in today’s world of cutting edge technology. The programs offered by the department aims at creating talents to supplement the needs of industrial houses, business establishment and educational institution.

Computer Labs

  • Multimedia Lab
  • System Programming Lab
  • Advanced Programming Lab with Java
  • Software Engineering Lab (Project Development)
  • Database Management Lab
  • Hardware & Networking Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab

Diploma in Civil Engineering (D.C.E.,)

In Civil Department we have following lab facilities.

Civil Lab

  • Material Testing Lab
  • Surveying lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Construction Material Practice Lab
  • CAD Lab